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Whenever I see anyone ask about coupon code sites or bargain forums on any forum that I post on, I always tell them about Dealz Connection is the best site for listing bargain forums and coupon code sites on the Internet for four reasons.
1. Dealz Connection has the most comprehensive list of bargain forums and coupon code sites that I have ever seen.
2. Dealz Connection rates all of the bargain forums and coupon code sites from 1 to 3 stars, so I don't have to waste a lot of time looking at the less useful sites.
3. Dealz Connection is constantly updated, and they revise their ratings for sites (up or down, when it is warranted) and let you know when a site is dead, so you don't waste time going there.
4. Dealz Connection actually listens to feedback from people and will often rerate a site if they get enough feedback, and they feel the rating should be changed.
There are a number of sites that try to copy what Dealz Connection is doing, but Dealz Connection is by far the best site for bargain forums and coupon code sites. Nobody else even comes close.

Thanks so much for your website. I have been online for about 3 years, and have visited many freebie sites. YOURS is the ABSOLUTE best to START with. I have found much much better deals using your links and spend much less time now, searching for a bargain. Thanks again, I am recommending you to many of my family and friends.

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